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1. Pick the character(s) you want to use.
2. RP as your character and answer each question.
3. Tag people !

(I'll be using a fc)

1. Introduction time!  What is your name?
Sheila The Kangaroo, matey!

2. Awesome!  What gender are you?
Thanks! I be a female for your information. 

3. Your age?
14 years old!

4.  What do you love?
Me ship. She's a stern one and I can always rely on her when I go out sailing and hunting for treasure.

5. What do you hate?
Those sea monsters out at sea. They be trying to knock over me ship, ugh! It's unfortunate because this island is surrounded by them if ye get far out enough and I need to venture out there if I wanna find more places. Only managed to get out there at least three times. Three! In me entire life! Second time I almost lost me ship!

6. Got any powers.
Nah, don't need them, matey.

7. Ever hurt or helped someone with your powers?
Nah, but I can get reckless at times. So ye know...

8. Okay time to get personal!
... Heh. Alrightly.

9. Who was your first crush?
Never had one.

10. Ever asked your crush out?
I thought ye could of figured that out from me last question... But nah.

11. How many people have you dated?
I don't date.

12. Ever kissed anyone?

13. Do you have any kids?  If so how many and what are their names?
Nah. Kids are great and all but in case ye forgot... I'm 14, remember? Though if I had me a lass I would name her Splash. Me boy could be called Pike.

14. Have you ever "did it"?
Nah. Asexual. Never interested.

15. Good or Evil?
I count meself as a good one. I follow the laws of this land and sea. Helped me friends out a while ago.
16. Have you ever killed someone?  If so why?
The only thing I ever killed would be harpooning a sea monster before it tore away me ships's wood. I was way out in sea with me new friends and this flock of 'em. Actual flock of around twenty... maybe? That day was a storm I tell ye...

18. Are you married?
... Well shiver me timbers you really are forgetful, aren't ye?

19. What was the worst day you have ever had?
Despite nearly destroying me ship that time, the sea monsters weren't the worse day for me. I say it would be when I got teased back when I was a tyke. Believed me dreams were the most stupidest thing they've heard. Shoved me into mud and ripped up me hand made map before leaving. I spent weeks going around this island to draw it up!

20. What was the best day you have ever had?
The day I got me ship. :heart:

21. What was your first date like?

22. Are you dead?  If so how did you die?
Alive and well.

23. Are you married?

24. Did you marry your first love?

25. What would you want your dream girl or boy to look like?
Heck, the obvious answer, one that respects me. Likes me for me. Although one that won't get sea sick and has a love for the sea also crosses me mind. Never thought about love to be honest. My love be the sea. Cheesy, huh mate.?
26. What are you most afraid of?
Being attacked by something I can't see. Love the sea but have ye ever been diving around these parts? Go out far enough ye can't see anything, no bottom. And sea monsters will eat ye alive when they know ye can't see them. I don't like suffocating either so drowning crawls up me skin and fur sometimes.

27. Have you lost someone close?

28. Who are you closest too?
Huh... I guess me ma and pa. I guess ye could say I'm close to Nuts too.

29. If you'd do anything at all what would it be?
To sail around the world.

30. Okay you're done now go tag some people!
I think nah. See ya!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I love to listen to music and daydream a lot. I love drawing and making stories. I'm an Invader Zim Fan and Teen Titans Fan. I love a lot of things -^_^-

I'm a girl who rather stays out of fights and I don't want to hate anyone ever.
I just need MSPaint, Windows Movie Maker, Powerpoint, Paper, Pencil, Rubber and Microsoft Word.

If anyone's interested:
YouTube -…
Tumblr -

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Scootaloo - Head Tilt by Creshosk
Favourite genre of music: I don't mind, but I don't like some Scream-o and some types of rap
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow The Hedgehog, Spongebob Squarepants, Sonic The Hedgehog, Scooby Doo...
Personal Quote: "Oh dear" "Jeeze!" "Woooooo!" "Remember when we made that deal? I'm smiling. We made a deal that as long I'm happy, you'd be happy. So we wouldn't be sad anymore."


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