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OMG! A Graveyard! by WithImagination
OMG! A Graveyard!
:star:[EDIT] Just brightened it up a bit.:star:

I have been in a Halloween mood for days even though it's june and I wanted to do something. I haven't drawn on paper much nor have I drawn my Sonic-sona properly in a long time so this was a good chance to do it. I want to add a background but I really don't know what to put in it. I'm a bit worried I'll ruin it.
And I hear on tumblr it's Self Insert Weekend.

No idea where we're going.

Y: Oh my god! A Graveyard!
Sh: Please don't try to raise the dead.

Shadow The Hedgehog belongs to SEGA/Sonic Team
Everything else belongs to me
I Dunno What To Call This by WithImagination
I Dunno What To Call This
When you're into Steven Universe but Halloween is on your mind at the same time.

Amethyst belongs to Rebecca Sugar
Drawing by me
I wanna be friends with Steven :iconstevenuniverseplz:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Steven Universe soundtrack by Greg
You lay awake in bed.

It was the early hours of the morning and you had spent the night trying to fall asleep but to no avail. The thoughts in your head prevented you from falling into slumber no matter how much you tried to suppress them. Every one of them seemed to keep on resurfacing as you closed your eyes. It made your heart feel heavy and you tried every now and then to stop yourself from forming tears in your eyes.

The past few days hadn’t been great for you. If anything you didn’t know what to feel. Nothing seemed of interest, you barely went out, and you did not feel any need to tend to yourself. You weren’t even sure at this point as to what you were upset about as you lay in bed. It started of with one negative thought that you believed brought on your gloomy days, then different scenarios and thoughts, all from different times and of different subjects, started to appear. You deduced it was because once you started with one negative thought the rest would follow suit. A cruel game of follow the leader.

You did not even want to sleep when F/C helped you get ready for bed. A part of you just wanted to stay awake, waiting for something, anything to make you feel better than you did. However you knew it would not be good for your health if you started skipping sleep. Though did you care about that anymore? Waking up had not been any different. You would just wake and remain in bed until some kind of motivation convinced you to get up. You did not even want to wake up. You only got up because you knew F/C would notice something wrong and you did not want to worry them. You did lie to them, saying you were just tired when in truth you just felt there was no point in moving. At all. You did not want to know if they fell for it or not.

Another thought crossed your mind, one that jabbed at your existence and worth. Your eyes began to fill with tears but you made no effort to wipe them away. It was pointless now. They spilled out when you blinked. You gripped your pillow tighter as you kept focusing on the questions that mocked you, trying to find a reason for everything bad you felt about yourself. You wanted to sob but did not want to disturb F/C who was sleeping soundly behind you. The pillow was growing damper by the minute as tears kept falling down your cheeks. You inched your head back slightly to get a dry spot but you still kept weeping. It wasn’t long until your nose began to clog up. Breathing started to become difficult as you refused to open your mouth incase you would succumb to wailing. You reached your tipping point when your nose began to leak, and you sniffed. You then made a shaky sigh albeit quietly as you squeezed your eyes shut. It failed to stop you from crying. It failed to stop the thoughts from cramming your mind. You sniffed again.

A sudden shift on the bed behind you brought you back to reality. At first you just thought F/C was changing position in their sleep.


Their voice was soft and you could hear some worry in it.
‘Crap… I woke them. They heard me…’ was all you could think. You held your breath for a bit in order to try and silence yourself. Briefly cutting off air seemed to help hold you back from sobbing out loud. You thought if you stayed silent F/C would assume you were asleep and they were only dreaming of you quietly weeping.

F/C was not convinced.

You felt a something touch your arm.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

You could tell they were concerned. The past few days had them checking up on you more often than normal. You decided, since you were not getting any sleep and F/C was awake now, that maybe you could try to talk to them. You turned your body around to face them. Although it was still dark in the room F/C could faintly see your cheeks were soaked and you had a look of sadness on your face. They looked at you but said nothing. You knew they were waiting for you to be ready to tell them. So many things rushed back into your head that you realized in the brief moment when F/C made contact with you, you had forgotten the negative thoughts.

Your face scrunched up a bit as you began to cry, a bit more openly this time. F/C moved their hand up to your face and began to gently wipe the tears from your cheeks and eyes before finally scooting closer. They rested their arm around your waist as you began to move closer to them. You hugged them tightly with your face pressed against their chest as you started to make more audible sobs. F/C began to rub your back in slow circles in an attempt to comfort you.

A few minutes passed and you were just staring into F/C’s soaked shirt. Neither of you said a word but the silence was comforting. F/C still held you, still gently stroking your back. With the soothing motion, comforting silence, and your head feeling worn out from all that crying you soon found yourself being lured to sleep.

You stirred a bit as you began to wake up. You were greeted by F/C’s chest, their t-shirt now dry after last night. F/C was still asleep, evident by their steady breathing and silence. You realized neither you nor them had changed position throughout the remainder of the night. Both of you still had an arm loosely around each other’s waist. What really occurred to you however was that you felt content. For once everything felt at peace. Your mind felt clear. You did not know how long this feeling would last, but as you sighed blissfully, you felt it was not worth worrying about now.

You snuggled your head into F/C’s chest, thankful for them being there and just glad to finally let something out last night.
In The Dark
I wrote this for a blog on tumblr where you submit reader insert fics.

Everything belongs to me
I wanna be friends with Steven :iconstevenuniverseplz:
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Steven Universe soundtrack by Greg


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United Kingdom
Demisexual Pride Flag V.2 by Blues-Eyes

I don't like fights or disputes but I'm down with video game violence in beating the crap outta enemies. I like to draw a lot and occasionally I write stories (mainly fan fics). Huge Sonic The Hedgehog fan along with many others. Love music. Constantly daydreaming when awake.

If anyone's interested:
YouTube -…
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